1.With the personal information

The personal information is the information about the individual and says the thing which can distinguish an authorized individual by other descriptions on a full name, the date of birth included in the information concerned. (I include the thing which may distinguish an authorized individual by collating it with other information.) (address, full name, phone number, E-mail address)

2.Collection of personal information

I clarify a collection purpose and collect the collection of personal information in a necessary limit. In addition, as a general rule, I collect it from the person when I collect personal information.

3.The use, offer of the personal information

I use the personal information that I collected other than a collection purpose and do not contribute it.

4.Management of the personal information

In management of the personal information, I take measures such as the prevention of leak and keep it to a precise thing. In addition, I cross the personal information that did not have to hold it surely and immediately.