Business summary

Tin which is used by computer parts, home electric appliances, motor parts.
Tin is one of the nonferrous metal necessary for the industrial parts of each field along with copper and aluminum.

Electronic parts maker or motor parts maker collect a solder used as the medium that we weld electronic parts and a circuit board more. It supplies block tin higher-grade than the used solder which I collected to production (reproduction), the metal materials maker.

In addition, the metal effective separation, collection such as silver, copper included in the lead-free solder are established, and the effective inflection of resources acts as making it it and the reduction of body wastes for the operation that considered making it it.

In the here these days, I make use of a technique and the experience that I cultivated for many years and enter the refinement business of the tin ore and continue evolving as a tin refinement maker with the personality.

I arrest the establishment of the effective recycling system which and is easy for environment of a certain limit resource with a mission and aim at the steady supply of the high metal material of the added value in the technique that will be higher in future.

Recycling system

Recycling system

Product introduction


Characteristic Because it was mildly-toxic and was strong in the oxidation and corrosion, it has been used as a use of the tableware from the ancient times. A low melting point and workability make use of a superior good point and are used as the materials of the solder product and materials for the plating now.
Our quality 99.9% min
Shape Ingot


Characteristic Silver is only to be expected for decoration use for jewels and ornaments, and it is used as industrial raw materials mainly by electricity and conductive good heat.It is used in the medical field such as medicine and the deodorant and is done, and, as for the silver demand, it is in an increase tendency more and more recently.
Our quality 99.99% min
Shape Shot(3-5mm)


Characteristic Lead which is used by the weight of battery and the fishing tackle of the car. It is the metal which a negative image takes root in, but I just have and change in a useful metal thing, and there are none if I have the corrosion resistance, weight of the specific gravity, various merits including the good workability with me and manage it with the appropriate handling.
Our quality 99.90% min
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Addressing the Conflict Minerals Problem

We strive to procure minerals responsibly.
As part of compliance with the Responsible Minerals Assurance Process (RMAP) of the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI), we have introduced a warning recognition system.
Investigate whether our raw materials contain conflict minerals and avoid handling conflict minerals.

Grievance Mechanism Platform